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General Shipment and Tracking Information

Any inquiries you may have about shipping and tracking can be found here!


What if someone other than me will be receiving the shipment?

If you’re purchasing beer for someone else, or if another member of your household will be accepting the delivery on your behalf, please provide their name and telephone number in the “Order Notes” section of the check-out page. Please make sure that

How do I track my order?

You will receive an email confirmation from GLS that will contain your tracking number and estimated delivery time.

What if I live in a gated community?

Please leave a note with the appropriate information during your checkout so that the shipping company will be able to access your gated community.

What if I miss my order?

GLS will continuously make an effort to make sure your beers are delivered to you. However, if an order is missed, please contact GLS so they can help you get the beers to you at your convenience. Please refer to (

Why don’t we ship on Fridays?

It is important to us that our customers receive their product as fast as possible in order to best preserve the flavors of our beers during the shipping process. In an effort to minimize the time that your beer takes to reach you from our shipping l